Care Park started with humble beginnings almost 20 years ago with its first office established in Melbourne, Australia. Since then our international network has grown now to include offices in capital cities and regional centres across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Hungary and Poland.



Care Park places enormous emphasis on the visibility and attractiveness of our car parks, with our signage and car park refurbishment packages designed to enhance the presentation of each car park in the best possible way.



We are unique, as apart from being an operator and manager of car parks, the Care Park Group also has ownership interests in a substantial portfolio of car parking freehold properties across 5 countries. We are uniquely placed with experience and knowledge in property development and acquisition of car parks as well as their operation to world-leading standards.


Park & Ride & Shop!

Avoid congestion, switch to public transport! In order to reduce traffic to the center of the capital and the number of cars waiting in the city center, we proposed cooperation with the following shopping malls to utilize their parking capacity for P + R purposes. Among the offers of the shopping centers, you can find short- and long-term passes with which you can park with them, whether you are doing business in the city center or shopping before or after your daily commute.


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" It’s a great place. Knowing what I do about Pest parking it’s highly professional and even the price is normal. I can only recommend it to everyone."
" At the Care Park Car Park not only can you park, but also have your vehicle cleaned while it’s there. Your vehicle is secure and you are always kindly received."
Varga Szabolcs, Kristály Duó Kft .
" It is close to our dental office, and a good solution for our staff. We also recommend it to our patients, while they are with us they don’t have to worry about their car. The car park personnel are also very kind."
Sanoral fogászat


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